NEW RELEASE - Reducing Global Road Traffic Tragedies




“No more empty commitments. No more delay. We are approaching five years into the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Road deaths are actually rising in nearly 70 countries. Where is the action? Where is the urgency?”

–Zoleka Mandela, FIA Foundation ambassador and road safety advocate. Opening speech at the 2nd Global High Level Conference on Road Safety in Brasilia on 18 November 2015

It is a global scandal that road traffic crashes in low- and middle-income countries have claimed over a million lives, and caused upwards of 20 million injuries, every year for over a decade. The United Nations and the World Health Organization have been unsuccessful in reducing this tragedy with a faulty and overly complex plan. They appear not to have understood what actions really produced the road traffic fatality reductions in the United States and Western Europe that took hold there in the 1970’s.

This book tells that story and provides recommendations of what to do now in low- and middle-income countries. No nation has been successful in reducing road traffic tragedy with the limited approach promoted by the UN/WHO. With a set of proven, realistic and relevant priorities, and with the right global leadership, road traffic deaths and injuries can be prevented as soon as action is taken.

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Challenged The New York Times, the World Jewish Congress and the US Department of Justice to admit their mistakes with “The Waldheim Affair.” 

Former UN Secretary General and Austrian President Kurt Waldheim was accused in the New York Times and by others of being a Nazi sympathizer and complicit in war crimes as a Wehrmacht officer. This book shows that it was all based on political slander. He was exonerated in Europe with public apologies. The NY Times and others dropped the subject in the US but without admitting their mistakes.

Started a new line of thinking about the costs of American healthcare and how to reduce them with “As Sick As It Gets.”

In the United States, many claim that we have the best healthcare in the world. However, this book shows, through the eyes of an Upstate NY physician, the struggles of his patients who were uninsured, under-insured and who had medical insurance, to get regular access to healthcare. The stories describe the consequences of the American multi-payer healthcare system, especially on those in the lower income quintiles.

Opened the subject of the Kurds and their history in the Middle East with the romantic, political novel “Well-Founded Fear.”

The Kurds, and what once was Kurdistan, are now on the world stage as potential allies of the West in the tangle of the Middle East. This book, by an author very familiar with the Kurds and the area, bring the Kurdish history, struggles and issues to life in the format of a novel.